I highly recommend this piano teacher…or more of a ‘let-me-lead-you-on-a-musical-adventure-to-help-you-love-playing-for-the-rest-of-your-life’ companion.

Shea Y.

Beth is a really great teacher, and I have learned a lot from her!

Arianna O.

I could not thank Ms. Beth enough for her kindness, patience, and wonderful teaching skills with my daughter Isabella, age 6 now. She has learned so so much this past year.

Erika A.

Both of my kids have been greatly blessed by having such a wonderful teacher! They love playing the piano, and my once-shy daughter, who was terrified of anybody looking at her, has played in multiple recitals and even played on a grand piano on the street in downtown Chattanooga!

Johnson family

Beth is an outstanding piano teacher. Her method enabled my kids to learn so quickly. She also goes out of her way to find relevant music for them.

Beth L.

We have been very blessed to have Beth as a teacher. She is a truly gifted musician!

Tonya O.

All my adult life I have wanted to play the piano but a demanding career prevented that. I tried self-teaching books but to no avail. They left blanks that couldn’t be filled. By good fortune I was introduced to Beth, and all the blanks were immediately filled. She knew that I did not hope to excite the concert world but only learn to play nicely. And if one likes learning new things as I do then the experience has been fun.

Bee Jay O.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share what an overwhelmingly positive experience it has been to accompany my grandchildren to their piano lessons. Now that they are adults and no longer need me to accompany them, I miss coming and witnessing the experience. It has been an absolute joy to work with you, and to observe the accommodations you make for the differences in the children’s aptitude and methods. The benefits to both children have been so positive and yet so different. It is obvious that only a very talented and experienced pianist and teacher could adapt her teaching style to benefit a student whose interest in playing the piano is very strong, but is inspired to go through more unusual channels to get there…I couldn’t help thinking about you as I watched C. playing for all three church services this week, and watching him during his praise team practice as he tried out and then incorporated the various skills that you instilled in him during his lessons. I look forward to continued progress with both my grandchildren and am so grateful that we found you as their teacher and mentor.

Carol C.