Student Compositions

The best way for students to retain music as a lifelong companion is to learn how to create their own music.  Composing allows students to take the skills and concepts they have learned and to apply them in a personal way.  This allows them to take ownership of music and to find their own, unique voice.


When students work on original piano compositions, it often feels like the process of creating sculptures in an art class. First, the “clay” must be turned into a recognizable form and then shaped and molded until it is a lovely, finished product.


We work on structure, balance, and creativity by following loose rules that give direction but which also allow for freedom and spontaneity.  While it’s necessary and practical to learn the music of other composers, the greatest sense of satisfaction for many students is learning how to compose their own pieces.


Following is a mini art gallery with a sampling of “portraits” created by students.  These represent their first experiences with piano composition and/or arranging.