I have played the piano since I was a very small child, but I haven’t composed as long. Growing up as a traditional piano student, it was not generally accepted to play anything other than what was on the page, created by someone else.  As a child, it never occurred to me that music could be written by a regular person–by someone not named Mozart or Bach–by me.  Then one day, I happened upon my older brother, home from a long summer away, making up his own song at the piano.

I remember watching him, transfixed.  It was as if suddenly I found permission to explore the keys and to discover my own voice at the piano.  I went on to copy his song and then to make my own.  I’ve never stopped creating since, anymore than someone would stop talking once they had learned to speak.  It all begins with imitation, then exploration, and then composition.  This is the path I wish for each of my students.

Beth graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Creative Writing and secondary studies in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy. Her favorite past time is writing songs for fun, for entertainment, for therapy, and as teaching material for her students. Beth uses music as a vehicle for storytelling, and many of her songs weave dramas in sound and capture images of places she has lived and visited. Although born and raised in Spain, she currently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her three children. She plays regularly at First Presbyterian Church in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and occasionally performs concerts of her newest, original pieces. She is available for home concerts upon request. Her first CD, a compilation of songs inspired by the Chattanooga area, is due for release early 2016.